ICTex Innovation Virtual Summit

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ICTex Innovation Virtual Summit

BIMP EAGA is created to accelerate economic development in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines however like the rest of the world they are not spared with devastating hit of Economic downfall due to Covid-19.

To push recovery and accelerate growth amidst the threat of pandemic in East Asia region, this virtual summit aims to promote and encourage the innovation on e-commerce, cyber security, financial technology, block chain, cloud service and digitalization to all its partners and members as a key solution to help the East Asia economy get back on track.

By introducing fresh ICT tools, latest technologies and best practices, the end users, businesses, can then adapt to the evolving digital age and shape their own story.

ICTex Innovation Virtual Summit will gather 500 key decision makers and experts from the IT industry and target users including hospitals, banks, BPO companies, retails stores, e-commerce and gaming industry to promote and encourage innovations, discuss future challenges, solutions , plans, opportunities and the impact of the ICT industry in BIMP- EAGA.

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