Philippine Flood Management Virtual Summit

Event Brief

Philippine Flood Management Virtual Summit

Philippines ranks third among countries most at risk for natural disaster which includes flood which is triggered by the combination of typhoons, tropical depressions, prolonged heavy rains, clogged waterways, poor pumping stations and drainage systems.

It’s a perennial challenge which the Government is trying to address yearly by allocating massive study , budget , construction ,welcoming and integrating various solutions , technologies and partnerships to help resolve or at least to lessen the impact of flooding both to community and the economy.

Metro Manila which is home to million Filipino residents and workers produce more than 36% of total national GDP is facing devastating floods because of more than 20 typhoons passing yearly, producing massive amounts of rainwater which greatly affects business, economy and most importantly Filipino lives

With this, Flood control and Management, River Mitigation ,modernization of pumping stations , Dams , Dikes and all flood related project and solutions are heavily supported and receiving massive budget from the National Government not only for Metro Manila but throughout the country.

The Philippine Flood Management Virtual Summit aims to bring in flood experts, authorities , LGUs and Solution provider to discuss challenges , opportunities , solution and latest innovation to help ease the impact of flooding in the country.

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