About the Event

The 2nd Philippine Railway Modernization and Expansion Summit

With estimated 2.4 billion peso a day estimated costs due to traffic as of last year. As part of the build build build program, the administration made an immediate action by channelling the biggest amount of the infrastructure budget to transportation sector and top of it is the Philippine railway system. Beginning with 355 billion USD Metro Manila Subway which was inked last year followed by the rest of big railway Project across the country. While most of the projects are on-going and Planned, the railway sectors is in full steam ahead and constantly looking for partners who can provide best and quality solution to their projects.

The 2nd Philippine Railway Modernization and Expansion Summit is the Continuation of our well supported, recognised and very successful Philippine Railway modernization and expansion summit which was held last year at Solaire resort and casino. To update the recent development of the projects To network with industry players and discuss future plans, needs and Demands of Philippine railway industry.

A message from Philippine National Railways (PNR)

My warmest greetings to our industry partners, colleagues and participants for the 2nd Phlippine Railway Modernization and Expansion Summit.

Through our joint efforts and initiatives, Philippine Railway Industry is showing steadfast growth and sowly fulfilling the dream of every Filipino for a reliable and modernized railway experience.

The 2nd Philippine Railway Modernization and Expansion Summit organized by Mykar aims to promote partnership and unity among industry leaders. This event serves as a gateway for International and Local solutions provider in the railway sector who would like to share their latest technologist and innovations.

This event is a gathering for local and international experts to share knowledge, update and educate stakeholders and commuters with development, challenges and strategies and future plans for the Philippine Railway industry.

We wish you all the best and we're looking forward seeing you at the 2nd Philippine Railway Modernization and Expansion Summit.

A message from Metro Rail Transit - Line 3 (MRT-3)

My warmest greetings to our colleagues, partners, enthusiasts and participants of this year's 2nd Phlippine Railway Modernization and Expansion Summit.

Strategically located in the center of Metro Manila, Metro Rail Transit 3 provides efficient railway transportation among the riding public, with an average passenger count of 300,000 commuters per day. With the agency's mandate of providing a comfortable and efficient railway experience, we continue to expand and develop the day to day operations in order to cater the needs of the commuters.

The 2nd Philippine Railway Modernization and Expansion Summit will gather prominent industry leaders and government officials from across the country to discuss the railway status and plans in the rail sector development of the country.

Among other, this summit will be an avenue for various government leaders and partners in the industry, to come together and discuss how to respond to challenges faced by our industrial partners. This will also provide networking opportunites among the participants to enable continuous learning that will be fundamental in the development of the railways.

We wish the organizers, attendees and speakers a productive and insightful summit.