About the Event

The 1st Philippine Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Construction and Modernization Summit

Transportation infrastructure has always been vital in country’s development. From moving of goods and movement of citizens, transportation infrastructure like road, bridge and tunnel always plays a critical role. As per the latest study, the worsening traffic in metro manila now costs p3.5 billion in lost opportunities per day, highlighting the need for new and modern infrastructure to ease congestion, in a bid to improve countries transportation infrastructure, government launch programs like build build build to address and speed up the projects and achieve a more balanced development in the country through improve traffic and connectivity.

The Philippine transportation and infrastructure summit, is one of the 3 of Mykar’s events focus on the transportation development in the country following the success of our 4th airport modernization and expansion summit and Philippine railway modernization summit which aim to build connections and partnership between the government authorities, contractors, architects, investor and solution provider for the success of transportation infrastructure in the country.