Special Edition: Philippine Railway Virtual Summit

Event Brief

Special Edition: Philippine Railway Virtual Summit

This event is focused on Enterprise Asset Management, outlining the importance of EAM for rail. This webinar will explore how your rail organization can improve asset performance by implementing a purpose-built rail asset management system and applying governance throughout the entire asset lifecycle – from design, construction, to operations and through to decommissioning. You’ll hear from a panel of local executives about how to increase asset efficiencies while reducing both costs and risks at the same time.

Trapeze focuses on providing technologies that move the world’s people each and every day. Rail authorities and operators around the world partner with Trapeze to implement tailor-made solutions for rail, that help solve their daily challenges and provide the best service to their customers. Bringing rail experts (yours and ours) together through long-term partnerships, we combine industry experience with innovative technology solutions, that automate many of the complex processes of a rail organization, providing for the most optimal use of your resources and allowing you to do more with less.

We deliver solutions for simulation, long and short-term planning, rostering, workforce management, day of operations, maintenance, asset management and intelligent in vehicle and on-street solutions.

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