The Philippine Food and Beverage Automation and Digitalization Virtual Summit

Event Brief

The Philippine Food and Beverage Automation and Digitalization Virtual Summit

The demand for processed foods and beverage is rapidly increasing with the Philippines stable population growth, food manufacturers are looking on latest technologies and digitalization to help drive productivity, eliminate losses and reduce cost while maintaining high quality products to keep up with the demand.

Food and beverage have always been one of the biggest contributors on Philippine Economy with expected growth in the next 5-10 years. F & B stakeholders are continuously looking for expansion and modernization by integrating available technologies and machineries, however with the worldwide introduction of Industry 4.0 for all manufacturers, Digitalization shows promising result which Philippine F&B manufacturer are all eager to adapt, practice and integrate on their current operations, plant expansions and new facilities.

The Covid 19 pandemic exerted a lot pressure on the F&B processing industry to meet government regulation and consumer demands, manufacturers are now pushing to embrace the latest technological innovation and digitalization to achieve top notch hygiene and sanitation practices and minimize human intervention.

This movement poised an opening and robust opportunity to leading food automation companies, and digital transformation providers including Robotics, IOT and artificial technology which guarantees promising results and improve performance to cope up ever growing consumption demand in the Country.

THE PHILIPPINE FOOD AND BEVERAGE AUTOMATION AND DIGITALIZATION VIRTUAL SUMMIT aims to bring together more than 200+ c level executive from countries food and beverage manufacturers, local and foreign investors, government authorities, f&b associations and more, to discuss and exchange ideas on the local opportunities, solutions, challenges , latest equipment, digital innovations and modern technologies for the food and beverage production , processing storage and sustainable operation.


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