The 3rd Philippine Hospitality Summit

Event Brief


Mykar’s Philippine Hospitality Summit is the one of the most successful hotel event in the country which gathers hundreds of Hotels C-level executives, Government Authority, prominent Association including HSMA, PHOA and HRAP and most importantly leading solution and technology provider in the hotel industry in the country, to exchange ideas , update and present latest solution and technology in the industry.

Due to 2019 pandemic, 3rd Philippine Hospitality Virtual Summit dated March 2020 was postponed with indefinite schedule for safety and restriction reason. Waiting for the right timing, numerous surveys, update, Country’s positive vaccination status with favorable Government restriction and protocol, Mykar stay committed with its promised successful event and remain steadfast till opportunity permit us to do so.

With the opening of Majority of Hotels and success of the recently held Philippine Hospitality virtual summit held Nov 25 2021 which was attended by renowned Hospitality association and personality discussing their recovery strategy, plans and optimistic view for months and years to come , This became our light and signal to finally announce and promote the “ 3rd Philippine Hospitality Summit”.

We wish to invite our loyal partners, hoteliers , sponsors / solution provider to join us once again to celebrate hotel industry recovery , reopening and revenue revival on “ The 3rd Philippine Hospitality Summit 2022.


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